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We are

We’re a lean, mean group of like-minded marketing professionals bound together by an intense desire to succeed. We don’t shy away from the ever-increasing speed of business. We thrive on it by solving challenges far quicker – and more efficiently – than larger, more cumbersome organizations. In-the-trenches retail. High-level branding. Digital and social media. Fully integrated marketing campaigns. You name it – we do it better than anyone else.

 We do

We have a mantra at our agency emblazoned in the way we operate: “Good enough sucks.”

It’s a core passion we all subscribe to. We hire towards. And reinforce day in and day out. So the way we do things doesn’t rely on the interlocking circles of a presentation slide. Instead, it resides in the hearts and minds of our fanatical band of marketing veterans, all working hard each and every day to ensure the success of your brand.

 We will

We will always find a way to go around, over, under or through the obstacles that stand between your brand and success.


Featured Work

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

When your child is sick, the last thing you want is a long drive. And for sick kids, any drive feels like forever. So how would a kid see a closer journey for the best child health care around? Our fanciful answer to this question took the shape of digital and traditional outdoor, digital banners, Pandora ads, direct mail and a grand opening event.


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UPMC Feature

Our Team

It’s all about

John Gatesman

President and CEO

He’s been client-side, and he’s been agency-side. And now he’s on your side.

Read more.

Dave Kwasnick

Partner, Executive Vice President
Chief Creative Officer

Some creatives like to wear black. Others like to do the job right. The latter? That’s Dave.

Read more.

Shannon Baker

Partner, Executive Vice President
PR & Social Media

Analytics. ROI. The right platforms for the right audience. That’s why clients give Shannon a real thumbs up.

Read more.

Dave Nard

Senior Vice President
Chief Technology Officer

Whatever digital issue you have, here’s the guy who’ll solve it – whether he has to go around, below, above or through any technology stack.

Read more.

Kathy Oldaker

Senior Vice President
Media Director

She plans to understand your audience, deliver the unexpected, and rely on smart thinking more than big budgets. That’s Kathy’s definition of a media planner.

Read more.

Rodney Deloe

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Deloe. It’s French for keeping costs down and delivering ROI.

Read more.

Stuart Glassman

Senior Vice President
Director of Account Management

Strategic business planning experience + creative/innovative thinking = this gentleman right here.

Read more.

Our Team

Talented. Driven. Fearless. Ready to take on any marketing challenge you can toss at them.

Every person at our agency has an intense desire to succeed. It’s a fire that inspires us to work not only harder, but smarter. And it’s on display every day with every member of our team.

We’re made up of marketers and strategists who listen, research and make their clients businesses’ their own. A digital team not just on top of the latest technology and trends, but two steps ahead of them. Public relations and social media that guides clients from challenges to results. Creatives more interested in the bottom line than awards. Media planning and buying that ensures your audience always sees the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Put them all together in one place and you have:

One powerful army behind us.


Our Services


Brand Strategy

Great strategy comes from hard work, insightful research and a good gut. Not from PowerPoint decks and interlocking circles.

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The relevant, human messages that get consumers to open their hearts – and wallets – to your product or service. That’s where creative comes in. Because here, we truly believe that creative is an art – the art of the sale.

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The web isn’t standing still. Literally, mobile and responsive design is taking the internet into the real world. Don’t worry. We’re already a few steps ahead.

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Public Relations

The people that influence your brand the most? They’re all around us. We know how to reach them with vibrant conversation that ignites results.

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Social Media

Four out of five Internet users are on social media networks, and Americans spend nearly 80 percent of their Internet time there. Have you capitalized on what they’re saying?

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Just imagine: the most perfect ad ever. But if its target audience doesn’t see it, it may as well have not run at all. That’s where great media strategy comes in.

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Best Place to Work 2014

Gatesman+Dave has been selected as one of the best places to work in Western PA for the 6th year in a row!

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